Returning to the Workplace: Navigating Ongoing Transition

The work environment has changed dramatically over the last 18 months, and although we are on a path to recovery, returning to the workplace promises to be an ongoing journey with many unknowns. With the recent uptick in COVID numbers, leaders are facing mounting uncertainty as concerns surrounding new variants, breakthrough infections, and the impact… Read more

Beyond the Crisis: Lessons Shaping Post-Pandemic Leadership

The events of 2020 taught us a great deal about our organizations, our people, and ourselves, and provided invaluable lessons to shape how we lead today and prepare our companies to emerge stronger and better equipped to confront future challenges. Ongoing reflection will enable us to carry learning forward and hone our leadership to unleash… Read more

Leading In Times of Crisis: Achieving the Promise of Your Business Plan

Each day of this enduring crisis brings new challenges and opportunities requiring compassion, collaboration, and grit to forge ahead. As many of us have come to understand, navigating the complexities of the COVID landscape requires doing more than helping our organizations “weather the storm.” To inspire and mobilize action through what feels like a perpetual… Read more

Leading In Times of Crisis: Modeling Self-Care and Resilience

Right now, many organizations are planning for re-entry, some even navigating a slow return to pre-COVID environments and routines. Leaders are reimagining the future of work while still responding to present organizational demands and opportunities. As we hover between what was and will be, we are reminded of the journey ahead and the resilience needed… Read more

Leading in Times of Crisis: The Call for Compassionate, Courageous Leadership

These past few months have taken an emotional and psychological toll requiring greater empathy and support from leaders than ever warranted in the past. To inspire and mobilize our people in these increasingly challenging times, we must seek to understand our employees’ perspectives and show genuine care and respect for their feelings. What team members… Read more

Leading in Times of Crisis: Balancing a New Set of Success Metrics

The spread of COVID-19 has forced unmatched levels of change and uncertainty upon us and taken an emotional toll impacting our daily ability to focus and function.  Leaders successfully navigating this crisis with their people are regularly pausing to acknowledge and respond to both their own emotions as well as employees’ feelings of anxiety, fear,… Read more

Investing in Soft Skills Development for Leaders Yields Hard Bottom-Line Results

Today’s global marketplace is complex, unpredictable and ever evolving. Change is occurring more drastically and at a faster pace than in recent history, and according to research from the World Economic Forum, 35 percent of skills required for workplace success today will be different by 2020. Unfortunately, most leaders are not developing fast enough or… Read more

Leaders Capable of Driving Strategic Change Take Companies from Good to Great

A survey of 7,500 global leaders by Korn Ferry reveals driving strategic change as the top leadership development priority identified by executives. Not surprising, given that half of respondents cite managing through strategic change as the number one shortcoming of current leadership. In fact, only 17 percent of those surveyed are confident their organizations have… Read more

The Power of Purpose in Leading Change

You may have noticed that more and more brands are swapping humor and clever taglines for advertising messages with a high dose of heart and humanity.  It’s a growing trend as companies attempt to build and deepen connections with consumers that span well beyond their products and services. While not an entirely new concept, purpose-driven… Read more

The Right Talent In The Right Seats

The New York Times recently reported that giant chip maker, Intel Corporation, is allocating $300 million for workplace diversity.  The fund is to be used over the next three years to attract more women and minorities to the technology field and make the industry more hospitable to them once they get there.  Reports released by many of the largest technology companies show that roughly 70… Read more