Developing With DCG: Matt Sabouri

Our firm celebrates the people who bring our brand, culture, and values to life every day. And when our consultants achieve milestone anniversaries, we have even more reason to cheer! Today we recognize Matt Sabouri and his valuable contributions to our clients and team. In his first year with DCG, Matt reflects on his journey to date and what’s unique about developing a career with us.

DCG: At Daniels Consulting Group, we believe that career progression is a jungle gym and not a ladder. Ladders are limiting—one can move up or down, on or off; jungle gyms offer more creative exploration. There’s only one way to get to the top of a ladder, but there are many ways to get to the top of a jungle gym.

What about our development philosophy resonates most with you?

Matt: I don’t believe there is one right way to grow or develop as a professional or as a human in general. I like our philosophy because both life and work are messy. People develop at the intersection of need, timing, and readiness. I think this philosophy more realistically acknowledges how people must manage their careers. The ladder is a one-dimensional view of how a career “should” work. On the flip side, the jungle gym is holistic and provides the opportunity to design an integrated career and life.

DCG: Some believe it’s necessary to leave a job to learn something new or advance their career. The beauty of consulting with DCG is the invitation to grow by regularly taking on new and varied roles on projects serving leaders and iconic brands across functions and industries.

What valuable development lesson(s) have you learned along the way?

Matt: One of our values at DCG is authenticity, and I love that DCGers lean into this value each day. Being authentic at work can be rather scary, and it’s one of the ways I feel like I’ve grown the most in the past year. The more authentic I become as a consultant, the more I receive positive feedback and achieve results. Yes, growing and developing means trying on new ways of being, but when you can do that while staying true to your own style/north star/motivations is when you really springboard. DCG has allowed me to grow while staying centered on what matters most to me. I get to show up as a strategic partner who’s relentless about achieving outcomes, AND I can stay laser-focused on empathy/creating healthier workplaces.

DCG: Our team is not only passionate about helping leaders lead business-critical change and transformation but also about helping organizations unleash the potential of their people.

How have you (in your role and together with your DCG team members) made a powerful and lasting impact on the leaders and/or organizations you’ve had the privilege to serve?

Matt: 100% what makes DCG different is how we show up. One of my mentors at DCG says something like “clients choose to work with us for our business acumen, but they keep working with us because of our coaching.” The most powerful shifts happen as a result of the coaching we provide and how we develop deep and trusting relationships with our clients. A good consultant can churn out deliverables…an excellent consultant pays attention to HOW the work gets done. I try to model and balance a focus on effectiveness and creating a positive working environment within every client interaction. I love it when clients begin modeling what we do at DCG.

DCG: We are equally committed to our team members’ personal and professional growth and recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to advancing an organization’s people is just as inadequate for our clients as it is for our own firm.

What do you value most about your DCG development experience overall?

Matt: I think there is a strong connection between feeling safe and being able to develop. The safer you feel in the group, the more likely you are to take risks, try on new ways of being, and stretch. DCG has been one of the most welcoming and safe organizations I’ve ever been a part of. We are equal parts IQ and EQ across the board, and I have so much respect for everyone I work with. The feeling of total safety, and the caliber of talent here, have allowed me to try new things each day.

Our firm is growing, and we are looking to expand our network of smart and accomplished “change athletes” driven to make a difference for our clients. Interested or know of someone who might be? Discover what it’s like to work with us!