Sara Gornish

With an extensive background in counseling psychology, Sara has deep appreciation for the complexity of human behavior and understands how to empower individuals to unlock their potential and discover solutions to both personal and organizational challenges.  Her natural curiosity and capacity to actively listen, empathize, and connect with people leads her to ask the right questions and effectively identify what’s working well and what’s hindering individual, team, and organizational performance.

Prior to Daniels Consulting Group (DCG), Sara spent three years in clinical training at Northwestern University.  With early career experience as an operations analyst, she recognized the opportunity to apply therapeutic principles in a business context and joined DCG to help clients rectify issues plaguing organizational culture, productivity, and performance.  Sara has analyzed leader and team effectiveness to identify key strengths, opportunities, and behaviors necessary to improve engagement and achieve results amidst shifts in strategy.  She has supported critical training and communication initiatives driving adoption of new processes and systems and has also assisted efforts to evolve the culture of sales, finance, and human resources functions to better serve business objectives.  Sara brings a unique perspective to each client engagement and values collaborative working partnerships to develop thoughtful and holistic strategies tailored to client needs—strategies that make positive and sustainable change possible.

Sara received her Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and her master’s in counseling from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  Currently living in the New York metropolitan area, Sara loves to explore the city’s new restaurants and enjoys her summer weekends at the beach.